Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poetic Journey - Snow


I awake in the predawn dark
And know the snow falling outside
By its very silence
I lie there and listen
To the absolute stillness
Hearing only the snow.

There is silence
About snow
Not only does it creep like fog
on pussy paws
But it hushes the world
With its whisper.

I tiptoe down the stairs
Playing at this silent game
But were I to stomp
Would there be a sound
Or would it be sucked
Into the silence.

The world is muffled
Both in sound
And color
All swallowed up by weightless flakes
Like the foot prints
That vanish as they are left.

To know snow
Is to know nothing
And yet everything
By its very absence
Beneath the snow

(c) J. Binford-Bell  -- January 2010

The Poetic Journey is open for your additions. If you have a poem you love or one you have written please leave a comment with your url or link. We are a multi-blog event.


  1. Brilliant - ssshhh - very Zen. :)
    Nice poem, my favourite description being 'like pussy paws'. Oh, how true!

  2. Beautiful poem. It really captures the feeling of snow.

  3. Very pretty and exactly how it feels to wake to snow.

  4. The silence of snowflakes falling; the whiteness of the spreading blanket; nothing and everything covered by it...


    My contribution:


    Thanks for hosting!

  5. I can feel the hush that comes with blankets of snow. You have captured the stillness beautifully. Even as I sit here in a temperature over 90, I am wrapped in the stillness as I read.

    (You can link me in - it's actually a song written and performed in 1988 by David Rudder. Haiti...I'm Sorry )


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