Monday, March 22, 2021

Paintings Returned to the Studio

Lonely Cloud
30 x 18 Watercolor on artists canvas

 For those of you which have followed this developing drama of the lost painting I am happy to report it has been found. And the mystery solved. Just before the shut down last year a visitor had called about buying this painting. Evidently at that time the facilities manager then (there was a whole series of temporary ones) had taken it down and put in a safe place for her to come back and buy it. Covid-19 interrupted a lot of things.

Window to the Past
20 x 19 Mixed Media on artists canvas

And normal routines were no longer normal. I had photographic giclee prints on canvas locked away at two businesses which were shut down, paintings at the library which was also closed, and at the airport which wasn't. But I was one of those told to stay home and stay safe. I ventured out only to get groceries or to pick up mail. I lost track of what art was where.

Home on the Fat Grass
20 x 30 Mixed Media on Canvas

And with our governor deciding art was non-essential I had doubts about moving forward with the studio and arts at all. So did it matter if the inventory was up to date or correct.

Over the Edge
20 x 30 Watercolor on canvas

On the Edge
30 x 18 Watercolor on Artists Canvas

For a few years I had been called back to my on the edge series of impending doom. Premonition of the pandemic? Or just my dark side coming out?

Purple Sage
19 x 36 Mixed Media on Artists Canvas

 Who knows but for some reason it was those paintings which were missed on my airport records. Those which I thought were boxed up in storage in the box room until I went there to search for Lonely Cloud and found all the boxes empty. Now they are all home and hung on the walls of the studio or my living room or designated to be hung in the new VRBO guest house.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Sometimes the Message is Mixed

Big Blue

 I donated the above small painting to the Shuter Library fund raiser. And it sold big. I am thrilled and a bit overwhelmed. Just before our state was totally shut down I had the opportunity to hang a lot of my paintings at the library. It is a wonderful venue in a town which no longer has art galleries. We once had three. Then suddenly the places my art and photography could be seen closed. Even my studio was closed. Only the county airport was open.

The library is now open again. I need to go there to fill the space where Big Blue was hung. And I have to go tomorrow to the Airport and remove my paintings there. They are remodeling the terminal where art hung. Win one, lose one. I have forgotten what paintings are hanging there. Have not a clue what I am going to do with them. Some I can hang in the AirBnB. Most will be boxed and stored. 

Night Run
18 x 24 Mixed media on canvas

I forget what is there. This one for sure. I love this one. Something else will have to come down in the studio so it can go up. 

Homage and Portal
Both watercolor on canvas 14 x 46
$1200 each

I lost the individual photos of the above two works of watercolor hanging at the Airport. That was the great computer debacle of 2010. And I have lost the painting below Lonely Cloud. I thought it was at the airport. Someone saw it there and wanted to buy it. Didn't. My inventory says it is at my studio. Cannot find it. That is the trouble on hanging your art in every available spot.

I have the sketch and I have the photograph. I could try it again. But I am not good at copying and it will no doubt be different. There is always the hope it would be better.

Other Side of Tomorrow
20 x 16 watercolor on canvas

And per my inventory that is all I have to pick up tomorrow. Just four paintings. Clearly my inventory needs some work. And my photo files of my work. In the last transfer to a new computer Carbonite deleted some of the titles.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Clearly A Post is Overdue

I may have been looked down most of 2020 beginning in March but I was not locked up. I did get out with my camera but to familiar places I knew would be people free or close to it. And within the range of a half tank of gas in the Explorer. But some of the photos were also taken from a really safe space like my deck or my studio.

Or my yard once the snow had melted. And whether it was I was more intent upon things within my range zone or because of lack of people disturbing their space there just seemed to be more visitors to my yard like the bumble bee below.


Or this Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.

And it was an incredible fall. But about that time my computer failed and maybe my hope because all the venues for artists to peddle their wares were cancelled. Even our Studio Tour. Depression became the pandemic that needed to be defeated. I forced myself to get out and take photos but the complexity of Windows 10 on the new computer presented me with challenges I did not seem to be able to defeat. And my paintings stopped.

Yesterday with a photography contest to enter I finally devoted hours to unpuzzle where my photos landed and how to access them. And developed a strategy to be able to utilize them.

And I realized there was an unfinished painting on my easel.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

On a Smokey Day Walk About

We had fires to the north of us in Colorado and in every state to the west of us. And a fire in the middle of our state in Santa Fe forest. Our blue skies were whitish and our green hills shades of gray. As a landscape photographer I was saddened for the lack of color but still in the early hours of the day there was an amazing light.

I leave you and this post with a photo of what colors everything was cloaked in smoke.


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Sunset from the Studio Deck

As the begins to set behind me

No words. If a photo is worth a thousand words than a series of photos could be a mini feature or novel. My deck faces east and so I get awesome photos of dawn. But my house blocks sunsets. The majority of these photos are looking east or south and the clouds have been colored by the sunset behind me.

Looking south


Explosion of light

And at last looking northwest

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Art During Covid-19?

Rose Moon Rising
20 x 30 watercolor on Artists Canvas $1350
Completed March 25, 2020
 If an artist is locked up in her studio does she still paint? Yes. But probably not with the necessity of when you are preparing for a show or exhibit or tour. Which gives you space for self-expression; painting what is in your heart and troubling your soul.

A friend reminded me today of where I was last year with my painting and photography as represented by my Angel Fire Studio Tour page. I was getting a lot of attention and sales for my photography. Painting was taking a back stage in my life. But beginning March 11, 2020 and the Covid lock down painting moved forward. I had the time. And I quickly bought up on line any materials I thought I might need in the coming months. Yes, consciously I thought it would be months. But in my subconscious I saw it as an end of things. Something which my mind had been projecting forward with my On the Edge Series which began with the painting below.

On the Edge
30 x 18 Watercolor on Artists Canvas $1350
Completed April 3, 2016

In spite of the bright colors my art for some has always had a dark side. And they will point out the crows or ravens which are in all most all day time paintings. When I was in Alaska decades ago I was told it was illegal to kill ravens because a lot of the Inuits believed they were carriers for the souls of the dead so they could rest before returning to an earth bound existence. On the Edge above was noteworthy because it had no flight of ravens.

End of Day
18 x 26 Watercolor on Artists Canvas $1050
Completed June 4, 2020
When you are not turning out just another view of another mission art goes slower. It spends more easel time while I wait for the spirits to give me direction. Glorious Dawn below began as one of those redo's of a much smaller painting which was just a study. The study sold and I was going to do the full sized one soon. Never seemed to be the time. Too busy out taking photographs but winter as well as Covid keeps me in. And there were rumors of covid in February and it was a dull winter with no photo challenges to I pulled out the drawing for that study of Mesa Arch in Canyonlands and it took over. It may have a positive title but I see it as an earth after the end of time.

Glorious Dawn
16 x 30 Mixed Media on Artists Canvas $1090
Completed February 3, 2020

Artists do not often put in completion dates these days. Photographers do, but some article in an artists' publication said not to do that. It has never been on front. Usually on the back right corner where once framed it was never noticed. I have dates for these works because my camera records the date I took their official portrait. And for this time or end of time it seems important so I have noted it here.

I have a wandering mind and as I was working on the sketch for the painting below I thought maybe all the old dwellings of the ancient ones were not vacated due to rampaging hoards or drought but a pandemic. The western United States has a few like Hantavirus and Bubonic plague. The working title for the painting below was Home of the Lost People. A friend told me that was too dark if I ever wanted it to sell.

Cliff Pueblo: Home of the Lost People
28 x 14 Mixed Media on Artists Canvas $875
Completed April 5, 2020

Sell? Now that is a lost art in this pandemic. And as I prepared to write this blog I came across so much else lost in the time of this pandemic. Like my inventory sheet. And this blog. Last post was in December 2019. Was I waiting and holding my breath for it to go away. No. But I was trying to figure out what the new post covid world would look like.

And I have been working on a new painting. It has been sitting patiently on my easel while I try to ignore it. Working title is Return of the Yei which were spiritual guides for the Dine'. I promise to be better at posting my wanderings here.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Art Markets?

Rio Grande Fair 2010

At what I considered the height of my art business I was doing eight big fairs in New Mexico and other cities in the west. One even in San Francisco with masks before transitioning to paintings. It wasn't easy getting in those touted markets. There was a jury process which in the age before transition to digital required slides which had to be prepared and mailed.

The Rio Grande Fair in 2010 was one of my last. I was seldom turned down for any fair I applied for.  I had all the professional equipment at no small investment. But when my Astro van, the required conveyance for all that equipment and inventory, blew a connecting rod I sat down to an agonizing reappraisal of costs versus profits and quit.

Fairs at the time were going through a downturn. The middle class was vanishing with their disposable income. They went to fairs with their smart phones and took photos and ate at the food booths and more and more bought from the vendors selling Chinese products pretending to be originals. And digital technology made the ink jet (Giclee in French) ridiculously cheep. The first year after I quit I received calls from those running fairs I had tried so hard to get into at one time. "We have eleven booths open. Say yes and I will halve the booth fee."

Now I do only one little local fair. No travel costs. No hotels. No Chinese with their smart phones. No vendors from everywhere but here. And I have my studio. And our arts group does the studio tour every fall. Art does not have to be packed up and moved until it is sold or displayed at a local venue.

One Studio wall 2019

The Angel Fire Holiday Market December 7 and 8 this year is the one fair I do. I no longer have all that fancy professional booth furniture in the top photo. I have to be very creative on displaying my wares. And this year I have decided to concentrate on little arts. The big paintings stay in the studio which is open three afternoons a week.

Little Original Watercolors in Small Frames and on note cards

The walls of my studio are full but as a painter I must paint. So I went back to the basics; tiny watercolors on note cards and in frames for gift giving.

Shelf Paintings and Little Gem Ornaments waiting to be packed.

And since I was printing out photographs for note cards I produced some Giclee prints, matted and put them in frames of various sizes. My big Giclee's on canvas are hanging on the walls of Enchanted Circle Brewing Company in Angel Fire.  Or my studio. The great thing about photography is its versatility.  Want it a different size? Or on canvas? Just order it.

Thicke holding space open in the bin of matted and framed photographs

This holiday season stop by the Brewery, the Market at the Community Center, or my studio. Or Binford-Bell Studio here or on Facebook.