Monday, October 4, 2021

And There Is Life

Lonely Cloud and On the Edge

And the official studio tour was again cancelled. And it looked to be death to arts yet again. But we all did not go so easily into the dark. It becomes irritating to be deemed non-essential for another year. Music from Angel Fire decided to protest and continue its concerts. And give space to a select group of artists in their lobby. As one of the chosen I took paintings down from the wall to haul into the light.

It always feels a little artificial to chose which to show off. Which creation to sacrifice? Which to say, these I am most proud of? I had just finished Return of the Yei on the upper right. After a year I was relieved to have it off the easel. I sold the little shelf duo on the table at the exhibit. And at the South Loop Studio Tour I sold Rio Grande Rio in the upper left.

Exhibit at Music from Angel Fire Gallery 2021

The Enchanted Circle South Loop Studio tour was the rebellion born by artists talking at the MFAF Gallery Exhibits. It was a rag tag group of 14 artists started from three. We were scattered around in six studios with only two weeks to get it all together. Meetings held on Zoom. Grand ideas and no time and no budget. A couple hasty press releases and just promoting on social media sources. Not everyone knowing how to do that. Lots of work for possibly no business. But there was interest. And they found their way to our studios with no big fancy brochure and map. And so what if it was just locals. They bought art.

Rio Grande Rio

Tres Amigos

And since that magical weekend the movement seems to have continued. I have rehung paintings and rearranged and then gotten a call to hold this one or that one to be picked up this week from the studio or the Shuter Library of Angel Fire where an exhibit of my paintings have been hiding out through the pandemic.

Return of the Yei
16 x 30 Mixed Media on Artists Canvas

The activity has inspired me to paint again. In case you missed it I was debating not painting again. I figured Return of the Yei would be my last painting. Wild Goose Witchery creations also did well at the rogue studio tour. But to have it look like an active art studio I had begun another big canvas to sit on the easel. And doing a couple 5x5's for the Shuter Library fund raiser I ordered more paints and some new brushes.

Diptych of 5x5's
Mixed media on artist canvas



  1. You are so very talented; keep creating!!

  2. People want to decorate their homes - and they are tired of online shopping from generic mass production stores.

    One of a kind, original art, from real people is so much better.


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