Binford-Bell Studio and Gallery

Binford-Bell Studio and Gallery
Showing paintings  and photographs by J. Binford-Bell

Artist’s Statement of Jacqui Binford-Bell

Working in mixed media, I translate my connection with New Mexico, and the inter-mountain west to enchant the viewer. My work is the visionary expression of the landscape in fauve colors which delight the senses and excite the emotions. Photography was first an extension of my painting and is now an equal companion. 

As a  fine arts graduate of the University of New Mexico, I have worked in a variety of mediums from fiber to watercolor. And now photography. Mixed media is my current love. I am willing to use anything at hand to help me convey the mood of the scene I am transferring to the two dimensional surface.  Photography is an important part of my creative process because it is often where a painting begins.

Originally trained in classical watercolor technique I began to play around with the rules following a head injury in 2001. Before that I made and marketed across the country colorful Mardi Gras masks out of papier mache. I wanted to use the same brilliance of color in paintings, so I began experimenting with products until I found liquid watercolors and inks. I explored the Chinese techniques of underlaying a watercolor with water proof India inks to get deeper tones. After transferring my design to stretched canvas, I will lay in areas of ink and masking before pour the skies with liquid watercolor. How the sky turns out determines the mood of the rest of the painting.

I have been honored to have received:  Best of Show in the 2009 and 2010 Red River Fine Arts and Wine Festival; the 2008 Moreno Valley Arts Council juried  Reflections, and 2009 MVAC Illusions Exhibit; 2nd Place New Mexico Women’s Show 2014, Raton, New Mexico; plus numerous photography awards. In 2014 I was chosen by the Trinidad Area Arts Council for the solo exhibit Meraki at Gallery Main in Trinidad, Colorado. It included 47 of my paintings and several of my whimsical sculptures.

Binford-Bell Studio & Gallery

11 Llano Vista Road

Black Lake, New Mexico 


The Binford-Bell Studio and Gallery is part of

 Artistic Vistas and Treasures Art Trail in northeastern New Mexico.

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