Sunday, May 20, 2018

Week 20 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 133
 I am going to do this week a bit different than most. I am going to post both the color and black and white versions of some of the photos. Some will have already been posted last week but I want you to be able to see them together here. I often have problems of which to decide to feature in a blog or on my studio page. As a painter I love color. But as a photographer I am daily more drawn to black and white.

Day 130

Day 134

Day 135

Day 132

The Volkswagen photos were all taken on the same day naturally. But this last week I also went on a trek through the canyon to Ocate. The following pictures, two with their black and white versions, were taken on that adventure.

Day 136

Day 136 in Black and White

Day 137

Day 137 in Black and White

Day 138

Day 138 is an end of roll photograph to be honest. In the film days you could often get 37 or 38 photos on a roll of 36. And when you still had not come to the end of a roll I sometimes snapped one or two quick photos so I could complete the roll and take it for processing. Sometimes it was a good photo and sometimes it wasn't. 

Photographic treks were once limited by the rolls of film you had with you. Then in the early digital days by the size of your memory card(s). The latter keep getting bigger and bigger. Trips to places with few sources for supplies have taught me to carry extra cards along (I had one fail on me). And my current camera even holds two scan discs.  

Sometimes my biggest limitation is my own focus. Taking photographs can be mentally and physically intensive. After taking photo 138 I was ready to get to La Cuerva and the nursery to buy plants for my garden. But then there was this Pronghorn posing for me.

Day 139

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Week 19 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 126

This week was devoted to black and white explorations. Black and white shows the basic bones of a photograph. Ansel Adams was the king of recording the southwest without color. But no color does not mean less. It can mean more. Next week I will be posting both the color and black & white versions of some photographs.

For me this week was an exercise; a chance to hone my skills in a week where color is not a major distraction. 

Day 127

Day 128

Day 129

Day 130

Day 131

Day 132

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Week 18 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 119
In spite of this lead landscape this week was mostly horticulture. That is what happens when you are left in charge of a greenhouse while spring swings back and forth between snow and winds. The snow did give me this great image of the town of Eagle Nest being highlighted by a bit of sun showing through the clouds.

Day 120

Days 120 and 121 are the same photograph but with different treatments. College, my father always said, was not about getting an education but teaching you how to educate yourself. And in the last couple weeks I have discovered that the 365 day photographic challenges I have been doing for several years now are about educating myself as a photographer. So the journey formally begun in Photography 101 continues. And weekly I give myself little exercises. This week it was largely in front of the computer working on processing possibilities. B&W or color?

Day 121

Also crop. The joy of a mega pixel camera is even when cropped there are plenty of pixels to play with. And sometimes you cannot get as close to the subject as you want even with a long lens. A couple years back an article I read said it was unnecessary to include the tops or bottoms of a tree in a photograph. I have achieved some delicious results playing with that and have even deleted both tops and bottoms of aspens. 

The question is how much of a rose needs to be in the photograph to know it is a rose. Surprisingly little. I have included the original photo and two alternative crops. 

The Original photo

Day 122

The extreme crop

Of course an exercise never is just one homework assignment. I give you the example of the purple shamrock. 

Day 123

With the shamrock I wanted to delete all the green. Just for the fun of it. The resulting crop below achieves that and also asks the question, yet again, how much of a photograph has to be in focus. Very little.

Day 124

And day 125. Is just a photograph of one of my orchids in the morning light coming through the studio windows. I cropped to minimize the background distractions and then did a dark vignette to highlight the colors of the flowers. The first photograph of this blog and the last is all about that spot of light through the clouds or the window. But then photography is all about the light.

Day 125

This week I am working on black and white. So next week's blog will be all without color.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Week 17 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 113 - X marks the spot

X marks the spot and that spot was close to home. I did get down to Santa Fe to buy stretcher bars I missed ordering for the stretching of canvas prints for the Trinidad Photography Gallery exhibit in May. But I didn't bring the camera along. Next week it gets to go with to Trinidad. Love photographing Trinidad. 

Day 114 - Homesteading Geese

But the camera went along on my other errands. The geese were setting up house keeping in local ponds I passed. BTW while they may be called Canadian geese because that is where they breed, according to sites which should know, they also breed in the mountains of New Mexico. So are these New Mexican Geese?

Point of truth on Day 115. I was lucky to have on the big zoom (only to 300), and because of training in my youth to lead the dove with the shotgun. I was able to capture this photo. But I also quickly snapped about ten.

Day 115 - flyby of intruder

Day 116 - Standing Tall Together

More trees. I am putting the digital files of Day 116 into the folder for the next round of prints. It missed the deadline for this show.

Day 117 - the crowd on the shore

While in Santa Fe I picked up a vintage mirror for the studio. The studio is becoming a bit of a cabinet of curiosities. That is good with the upcoming Angel Fire Studio Tour, September 29th and 30th. Check the linked site for updates coming soon.

Day 118 - Selfie of the artist in new mirror

Once photographs were all printed and prepared and boxed for transport I turned a weather eye to the horizon as I prepared the raised beds for planting.

Day 119 - First rain clouds; practice run

Week 16 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 106 - topping of new snow

The week I forgot. I was in the middle of choosing, printing, stretching, and framing photographs for my May Exhibition at the Trinidad Photography Gallery in Trinidad .  And before you ask, none of these are in the exhibit even if they are nice. They missed the deadline. It was a week mostly about animals because they were there to be snapped without me having to go far. I was busy.

Day 107 - One of first arrivals

Day 108 - Sweet doe looking for handout

Day 109 - Dogs at play

Day 110 - Filigree of leaves 

Day 111 - Drumming Tom

Day 112 - Full frontal

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Week 15 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 99
 The lead photograph is a still life and then the skies captured my attention as we got wave after wave of weather changes. The lenticular clouds in the photograph below is a signal of changes coming. They build over the mountains along a line between wet and dry fronts. And look like space ships.

Day 100
 And that makes for some interesting dawns and sunsets.

Day 101

Day 102

Day 103

Day 104

Day 105

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More Than Taking Photos - A Creative Process Blog

Saint Francis
Being printed on paper

Photography was my fun activity. I used it as a tool to paint from, as a way to attract attention to my Facebook Fan Page, a fun thing to do with my sister and a couple friends, and as an excuse to get out of the house. Somewhere in that process it became more. In these trying economic times I sell far more printed photographs than finished paintings. And generally I had to invest no money until someone told me they wanted a print, what size and what platform - what it is printed on.

I was offered the venue of Enchanted Circle Brewery  where I confronted the art if displaying photographs in some place other than my studio. Up until then I submitted printed photos to exhibits and they displayed them. Basically I was dealing with small numbers, and largely individual decisions as to size and platform. So when I was given the opportunity of a solo exhibition at the Trinidad Photography Gallery I was only thinking the number of printed photographs I had and the number I would need.

Until now the vast majority of my photographs live in digital files on my computer. The especially good ones I post on digital media. It is a huge leap to picking 20 to 30 of those which will look good with others, deciding on size, having them printed, ordering the stretcher bars and frames to make them ready to display.

Fortunately I have a printer, an artist with the necessary equipment, I trust and communicate well with. That is huge. I was not totally aware of how huge that was until I talked to other photographers.

Face to Face
Being printed on canvas

Carol is a painter first and the two of us have hung many an exhibit for an artist group we belong to and that experience helped us pick the photos to print from my jump drive of the acceptable to me. Sitting at her computer we visualized them on gallery walls and picked groups three or five which would compliment each other.

Doesn't help that when it comes to photography I am all over the place. Basically I am a landscape photographer who also loves digitally painting on the computer. And of late I have come to black and white photography.

Storm on the Road to Raton
18 x 28 on artists canvas hanging in my studio

Then to complicate it all more I won two firsts and two seconds in a state contest, one of which was butterfly below. I generally don't do flowers but I have three already printed hanging at the airport I can pull which will go with the one below.

Show Off
Being printed on canvas

I finally decided to throw caution to the winds and print more than I needed so I could pick and choose. I have the brewery to interchange with and what doesn't fit anywhere else goes in the studio.

Supplies as to stretcher bars, frames, and mat board arrive this afternoon via UPS. Well, the first wave. As Carol called me today with changes in sizes I placed more stretcher bar orders. This is all expensive and alters my little hobby to a major part of Binford-Bell Studio. Fortunately there are opportunities beyond the May show in Trinidad to offer my wares for sale. And photographs you can sell more than once. I do limit my signed prints.

Meanwhile I am trying to inventory all my photography going to the show or not and put them on a spread sheet like my paintings. Previously they were written notes in a journal.

Who knew when I said yes to this exhibit it would mean so much work which does not include the camera. It misses me.

Heading Away
Being Printed on Canvas

Situation Normal
Being printed on canvas 30 x 20