Sunday, July 15, 2018

Week 28 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 189

A poppy and a Rufus Hummingbird got the color treatment this week. It was, however, a week of rain at last which created great black and white images. Water, like snow, can change simple objects.

Interesting to me is all the images, but the poppy, were taken from the same place on my deck.

Day 190

Day 191

Day 192

My trick with hummingbirds is to sit on my deck with my camera in my lap or in hand balanced on my shoulder until they take me totally for granted. I treat them like athletes and take several shots with one depression of the shutter and cull the ones out of focus on the computer.

Day 193

I like the above image because of the spread tail with the sunlight illuminating it from behind. My sister prefers the image below because it is less conventional. I like the speed blur on the wings of both birds. It shows their activity.

Day 194

And this week there were clouds. Lots of clouds. And I took lots of photographs of clouds. In the days to come there will be more cloud photos.

Day 195

Monday, July 9, 2018

Week 27 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 182
 Two atmospheric events seemed to have happened on the same day: Forest fire smoke, and monsoonal moisture. Day 182 is not digitally manipulated. I was out looking for dog toys to restock my chucking supply on the deck and had the camera over my shoulder just in case the goats would maybe come wandering down the road. When I turned back toward my house with arms full this was the sky which made me set all those balls down and take the photograph. Of course the dogs following me around grabbed the balls and took off.

But I got this photograph. The Sardinas Fire, human caused on top of the mountain provided the smoke. The actual column of smoke is off camera to the left. The roof line is my house. And the tree to the left of it was only 5 feet tall when I moved in. This photo is proof it is now taller than my two story home which I bought because it was in a valley with no trees but this one.

Day 183

The tree line begins across the street from me. The Sentinel Tree, the tall one in this photo, has been struck more than once by lightning. In this photo it marks the dividing line of the smoke and the clear sky. The North American Monsoons set up provided the clouds to make for a noisy sky which are perfect for black and white treatments. These four photos were taken standing on my driveway and recording the subtle changes in clouds and light.

Day 184

Day 185

Day 187

The thunderhead below grew from nothing. When it first appeared, the bottom part, I thought it might be a new fire. After a dry winter and no spring rains to speak of the forest is on fire. I live in a meadow but am surrounded by forests. On the day I took the photo below we had a big one, the Ute Park Fire and the smaller one, the Sardinas Fire on either side. 

As I type this there are two others, the Morris Creek fire and the Emily fire contributing to the smoke which you can always smell in the morning. So not alarmist to think any new cloud could be smoke. Monsoon season is know for its thunderheads. 

Day 186

And when the sun sets they turn red and orange and purple and look as if they are on fire themselves. The photo below is the left side of the photo above. I can tell by the trees on the mountain ridge. Photographs were taken from the deck of the house in the first photo.

Day 188

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Week 26 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 175
Ocate to Wagon Mound is definitely a road less traveled for me. My post office is in Ocate. I don't have to go there to get my mail because I am on a rural route but I find that valley of ranchers magnetic and take to get to La Cuerva where the Raspberry ranch and green houses are. But on this occasion I took it because the fire closed the short route and I had someone to meet in Wagon Mound. I, of course, stopped to take photographs. A couple in Ocate I had not taken before and then Ojo Feliz and the south edge of the Clayton-Raton Volcanic Field.

Day 176
This crumbling house on the eastern edge of Ocate I have photographed before. But on this particular day I was drawn by the way it framed Laughlin Peak in the background. And I have photographed that volcano more than once. I have even painted it.

The travelers on the Santa Fe trail used the volcanic peaks which are scattered across the high plain as sign posts. Settlers used them later to mark where they lived and their neighbors ranch gate should be. You become familiar with the shape of a peak from any direction.  I believe that is Laughlin Peak again between the two volcanic mesas. One day I must find a view of it from the south.

Day 177

Day 178

There is a tree in the saddle of these two remnants of a more violent era. It sits on the right slope. Oh, yes there are other trees on the front and right of that butte. But that one tree in the saddle seems alone. I find myself wondering if just out of view there is a grove of trees. If not how did that one tree come to be there alone.

In what is no longer the town of Ojo Feliz there is this marvelous old shotgun adobe which like that tree in the saddle drew my attention. There was no convenient place to pull off the road so most of these are taken from the window of my pickup truck: creep by photography. It has its advantages. The window can be raised or lowered to just the right spot to be a tripod. And the cab can be a screen from the glare of the sun. You need to know how to fold in your rear view mirror to get it out of the way or serve as another tripod.

While creeping along you have to watch for other traffic on the road, of course. Good idea to have your flashers on. When you have taken the photos you want continue to creep looking for a place to pull off and park for the next trip. Record that in you notebook beside you in the seat with a mention of time of day. If I want to photograph the other side of this building it will have to be in the late afternoon. I wrote that down.

I will go back to Ojo Feliz and maybe this time make it all the way into Wagon Mound.

Day 179

Day 180

Day 181

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Week 25 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 168

Confession: I wanted to be an architect in the worst way. But when I was in college women did not get admitted to engineering courses or the school of architecture. I challenged their decision with the assistance of a friend in the testing division of University of New Mexico. I aced all the qualifying tests but still no. They cited that there was no women's restroom in the Engineering building where architecture courses were held.

I argued that the art school which did have women's restrooms was 50 feet away. I took my desire to design buildings to the drama department where I designed and built stage sets. And now when I go to an architecturally rich town I focus my camera on buildings and architectural elements.

Next lifetime I am designing castles in space.

Day 169

I love most the older buildings. Those which are no longer built.  When art played a part in the designing of buildings and not just engineering. And I love the bones of a building. With stone and brick those are a part of the design. One of the pluses of the railroads and mines bringing in immigrants from Italy and Spain is that some of them had awesome skills with brick laying and stone carving. It was definitely a way to stay out of the mines.

Day 170
Day 172

Day 173

Day 174

Day 171

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Week 24 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 161

This week is trucks, equipment and building details. Inanimate objects all. Tourists and fire conditions has kept me out of the landscape. Today it has begun to rain and our area is under flash flood warnings because of the dryness of the land, and neighboring communities because of the burn scar created by the Ute Park Fire. A few years ago a flash flood closed the Cimarron Canyon due to landslides and officials expect the same today and tomorrow. Nice to have my travels be optional this week.

Again there are almost half of these photos which are posted in black and white. But I did go over the top, as it were, with color on two. I am a Gemini so I guess you can always expect at least two of me to show up. My favorite is day 166 but day 164 is a close second.

Day 162

Day 163

Day 164

Day 165

Day 166

Day 167

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Week 23 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 154
 Cityscapes, cloudscapes and landscapes. Trinidad, Colorado and my backyard. A mixed week of photographs.

Day 155

Day 156

Day 157

Day 158

Day 159

Day 160

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Week 22 - 2018 in Photographs

Day 147

It has been a busy and complicated week. I finally got my reception at Trinidad Photography Gallery. And now I am watching the smoke from a fire just over the mountain ridge and too close to friends of mine.

All the clouds in these pictures remind me of smoke. We need rain so badly.

Day 148

Day 149

Day 150

Day 151

Day 152

Day 153