Paintings on the Edge

On the Edge
30 x 18 Mixed Media on Artists Canvas

At some point in the middle of 2016 I became bored with familiar subjects. Proof of that is several canvases begun but not finished which hang around on my work table up against the wall, taunting me. About the same time I was introduced to the fact I am an abstract painter. Even those paintings which seem so realistic to me have an element of illusion to them which pushes them beyond the edge of realism.

And so was born a series of paintings, which weren't a series until there were three not unlike serial killers, in which I pushed that edge I seemed to be inching up to. And backing away from.

Paintings on the Edge might be beyond it at times in subject, color, composition or mixing of media. Not that I was ever going to be accepted in the National Watercolor Society.

Acceptance by my fan base has not been immediate but I have really enjoyed playing on this edge and you can expect more in the future.

Over the Edge
18 x 24 Mixed Media on Artists Canvas

Purple Sage
19 x 36 Mixed Media on Artists Canvas

End of Days
16 x 30 Mixed Media on Artists Canvas

Lonely Cloud
30 x 18 Watercolor on Artists Canvas
Dawn Chasing Away the Storm
14 x 30 Watercolor on Canvas

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