Black and White Photographs

Grande Dames de Val Vidal

Black and white is a time worn photographic tradition. Regardless of how great color has become especially in this digital age and how we can play with it until it becomes more like a painting than a photograph photographers are continually drawn back to the elemental nature of black and white.

Noisy Sky
Some subjects like the two photographs above do not have a wealth of rich color to begin with so taking the little color there is out of the image makes for a stronger composition. With the spider web below the green background had been a distraction so making it black and white made the delicate dew jeweled web more evident in the picture.

September Spider Web by J. Binford-Bell

Shy Bells by J. Binford-Bell

But flowers seem to require color, so taking out the color seems at first a betrayal until the structure of the flower begins to seduce the viewer. Aspens, however, especially in the winter come to life in Black and White.

Snowy Woods

Reflections in Black and White


Dark Woods

Memory of Trees 4

Memory of Trees 3

Memory of Trees 2

Memory of Trees 1
Winner of 2nd Prize at Ralph Solano 2017

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