Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wish I could find the tranquility of this painting at the moment. It is January and I seem to swing from total inertia to frantic. Yesterday was frantic.

I finally got to the to-do list I put together for these "quiet times" in the art world. But they are not really that quiet because fair prospectuses are generated and mailed at this time. And I am also on an art council that puts one out as well as decides on its entire yearly calendar now.

While doing the inventory spread sheets for the gallery here I decided it was a good idea to reformat my personal inventory. I thought that was on the laptop because it goes to shows with me. But all I could find there was June 24th. Lots of sales, interchange with galleries, and new paintings since then. Off to the Desktop where I found an October 8th version. But then there was a Holiday Market in November. I always (well I try always) to update an inventory before a show. Evidently not this time. In panic look for "the notebook" where I manually make notes of new paintings and sold paintings until it can be computerized. Found new paintings. No notes on sold.

Look for sales receipts. Box with sales receipts. Folder with credit card records. NO. Then I remember my panic reordering of everything before the studio party on December 20th. I had a grand scheme so I would not lose anything being well aware that tax filings are in my immediate future.

Stop. Desist. Clear the mind. I did not throw any of this stuff away. It will be revealed to me.

I am such a right brain creature that left brain organizing is a real chore. And when I get a stroke of inspiration about it I really out to make a note in "the notebook."

Any tricks other right brain creatures reading this blog can give me will be gratefully appreciated. Left brain humans probably will not even understand this.

Note: Above painting is Passage into Night. It is 24 x 30 mixed media on artists' canvas.

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