Monday, October 12, 2009

Recent Works

Ships of the Desert 12 x 16 Mixed Media on Canvas
Study for larger work

Been a while since I have used this format to post new works of art. Been a while since I have produced any new works. I seem to work in spurts. But also my studio was in total chaos for a couple weeks before the Been There/Done That Art sale. I am currently working on almost ten pieces in one state or another. I have been actively working the five smaller canvases and just yesterday finished two.

Monument Path 10 x 18 Mixed Media on Artist's Canvas
Preliminary photograph

The above picture is not the best possible of this work. It is a painting I do not know if I am quite done with. And one of the ways I determine that is to photograph it and see what sticks out at me. Another way is to have it sitting around the studio where I will see it every time I walk in.

The top picture is a study for a much larger work - 24 x 36 I believe. The "cartoon" is all laid out and masked off and I have not dared to apply paint yet. This is primarily because of the clouds. I wanted to see if my mental image of the clouds could be carried onto the canvas.

I also, inadvertently, discovered something else when doing this study; I did not want to do Shiprock Monument as realistically as I had conceived. I am living with this work too for a while before I begin doing its big brother. Easier to change things now on a study.

Today I will work on two other little works and begin another medium work. I am still undetermined how to fix another little painting I am working on or if it is time to just chuck it. It could become an experiment in gessoing over and existing canvas.

I was asked by a magazine writer recently how an artist continues to grow. My question is how does one remain the same?


  1. Everything is in motion. And thank goodness for that. Especially you artistic types...we rely on your ever changing and improving on what is perfect in our eyes. Thank you for your constant movement....Of course I like them both..but am awaiting the rest.

  2. I like the rain squall clouds and the water mirage effect of shadow-fall below your Shiprock. Can't wait to see the "finished" version.

  3. In Monument Path you've really captured the vastness of the region and your tiny Navajo shepherd and sheep really sharpens that vastness for me. I really like this.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these; look very much forward to seeing more, too!

  5. In Monument Valley you've depicted the desert so well: the cool water, the blazing hot sun, the cool shadows that emerge toward sunset. I also like the unusual size and shape of the canvas in this.

  6. How do you manage to work on so many different paintings at a time? Is it a 'have to be in the mood' thing for a certain one?

    There's something different about Ships in the Desert - it's the clouds.

  7. Most effective use of time. I paint in water media and have to wait for layers to dry, etc. So I lay out a bunch of paintings and mask things off and do all the skies at once and then work on 2-4 at a time through various stages.

    The upside is since I am using the same colors people could by multiple paintings that coordinate.


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