Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mag 40 -- Pearls for Frogs

Prince of Toads

Pearls before swine
Frogs to princes
With but a kiss.

Silk to satin
Pigs' ears to silk purses
My velvet purses full of trash
Not golden coin.

If wishes were horses
As the childhood rhyme promised
Beggars would ride
If trash was treasure
I rich lady I would be.

But here I sit taking stock of trinkets
Treasure troves of memories
Long forgotten through time
Their value only to me
Lingering with my fingers on their treasures.

Oh, I have wished upon a star
But I have given up my dreams
Of princes rampant
In velvet cloaks.

Pearls of wisdom
I have learned after kissing many toads
Come only with time.

J. Binford-Bell


  1. Indeed those pearls come only with time!

  2. I like "treasure troves of memories long forgotten through time" - very nice.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Your poem made me smile. Nice writing. Good magpie.

  4. Ah, so many toads, so little time.

  5. lips gain girth from the warts collected kissing frogs. But think of the money to be saved on Botox!

  6. Yet another goodie. I love it all but that last stanza was just brilliant!

  7. Another pearl of a piece... glorious in its own being.

  8. I love all the tiny snippets of tales, phrases and rhymes in this, as well as feeling like we're taking a short journey into the past with you.

  9. I love the way you've woven all the proverbs in. Nice Magpie.


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