Sunday, May 15, 2011

Knew it couldn't be that easy

I am trying my hand at another photography contest. The deadline is tonight at midnight and I thought I had my five submissions all picked out until I started playing around with my photo editor program and going back to FlickR to see if there was one I liked better than one of my choices. Before you ask the above was not one of my first choices.

Nor was this one. One of the reasons for these two not being included is I thought I had lost the originals with the crash of my external hard drive and the wipe of my desktop computer by a well recommended computer tech. But I found the originals on FlickR. Sometimes I do something right like back up important data (to something other than the failed hard drive).

I had considered these two because the first sold in my first photographic exhibit and the last one second. This however is a cropped version of that one on the recommendation of the judge of the earlier show.

I had also in that show entered this photograph. And when I posted my possible choices on my page in Facebook this was not in it and everyone asked about it. This five leaves out a couple I frankly like a lot. And if I was to consider the cohesive aspects of the five. I would delete the car and insert one of the two following instead.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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