Thursday, March 8, 2012

Black and Whites or Close

Snuffy Smith cabin
Those of you familiar with my blog here and my work are aware that I am a colorful artist. And my love of color comes out in both my paintings and my photography. But did you know that I began painting again in 2001 with black and white and one color. Now it seems I am going that direction with some of my photography.

Idle Stream
 This one of the stream meandering into Eagle Nest Lake is a black and white but the Snuffy Smith Cabin photo above is grayed out or desaturated until just a hint of pink stucco remains.

Skip along
And the snow storm did most of my work here in Skip Along. It was decidedly a gray day. But sometimes I just have to let color creep back into a photograph.

Lady of Mystery
The color of the window sashes and the ghostly image within. In the original of this photograph the wall is yellow. Very yellow.

Basking in window
And while this one looks Black and White I had to leave just a tint of green in the leaves. While I enjoy playing around with the absence of color what sells is still my more colorful work. But the forms revealed when color is removed or reduced is very alluring.

Waputki Wall

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