Monday, October 15, 2012


Curtis Wilson Cost - Midnight Snack

Perhaps it is too close to Halloween to see the above image just as  someone up to grab a snack. Or maybe it is that at this time of year, in the relatively remote area I live, there is more night and more sounds in the night. And more times that raised hair on the cat or the low growl of the dog has you up and turning on the lights.


Nothing really
I am sure
But my black cat
ceased purring
my labradoodle did that low growl.

The growl
only I hear
listening to the sounds
when you hold your breath
the screech of a cat beyond the trees.

Counting pets
with groping hand
turning lights on with the other
the wind?
Coyotes on the hunt?

Totally awake
walking from room to room
peering out the black windows
Magique wagging her tail
the all clear sign given.

Quick stop
at the cookie jar
then back to bed to read a while
the night silent
except for the purr of the cat.

J. Binford-Bell
October 2012


  1. Things that go bump in the night:)
    Enjoyed your poem.

  2. Love those quick stops at the cookie jar...

  3. The cookie jar gives us courage when we face the unknown - it's chocolate for me, I need the reassurance of the familiar taste. I liked this a lot.

  4. Yes all those sounds and silences of night can sure get you up to the cookie jar for sure! :-)


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.