Friday, December 28, 2012

The Photo a Day Challenge

Window from the past by J. Binford-Bell

On January 1, 2012 I began the 366 Day Photo Challenge on my Facebook Timeline. That is a lot of photos but in truth I took a whole bunch more than that. Maybe thousands. So the problem got to be which of the ones I took was I going to post for a particular day. Some others that do the 365 day challenge (I began in Leap Year ergo 366) do it to inspire themselves to always have their camera with them. Having my camera isn't the problem - going through the photos I take and looking critically at each one is.

Apologies to Monet

And because I was taking so many photographs and  post processing many more than I posted it got me to play around more with my photos.

Terracotta pot by J. Binford-Bell

Shadows of faded glory by J. Binford-Bell

Reflected Glory by J. Binford-Bell

And looking for the unique perspective on familiar subjects from pots to aspens to buffalo to portraits like the one of my sister below where it is just her jeep and her coat.

Portrait of my Sister by J. Binford-Bell

Meeting of the Minds by J. Binford-Bell

Photographer and subject by J. Binford-Bell

Lawn Chairs in Winter by J. Binford-Bell

Many of the 366 photos that made the four albums on my Timeline made it to one of my blogs: Creative Journey or Sidetracked Charley. And some of them made it as copies into a folder on my computer designated as 366 Challenge. But I didn't take as much care as I should have. And in 2013 I resolve to do better.

I will be posting my daily photos by the month and on my fanpage Binford-Bell Studio. Some of the 366 this year made it there as shares but this year it will be the primary post location. And weekly on a Tuesday I will be posting the weeks photos here on Creative Journey beginning January 8, 2013.

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