Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 45 - 365 Day Photography Challenge

Day 309 - Reflective Ms. Murphy

Interesting week. I got my submissions off for the New Mexico Magazine Photography contest and began working on submissions for Santa Fe Photography Workshops show - My Backyard. I am working toward a broader interpretation of backyard. I do feel that my "stomping grounds" in northern New Mexico are my backyard.

Day 310 - Icy Reflections

I do have some great images I took with my Nikon D90 that need mined out of my photo files. But I decided to see what I could come up with using my new Nikon D3200. Day 310 above is one I am considering for the three to submit. I always begin with approximately ten and reduce them as we get closer to the deadline. The photo below is nice but not suitable for the contest in question.

Day 311 -  Colorful Reflections in Ice

Nor is Day 312. Not really a backyard. But a great photo in my opinion. Considering it for the next photographic contest on my list, Insights. I try to keep ahead. After the 3rd Annual Insight Women of New Mexico Show I want to enter this one in is the Ralph Solano Photographic show at Old Pass Gallery.

Day 312 - Reflections of reflections

Day 313 would also be in consideration for my backyard as will the next two. But both of them probably will not make the cut.

Day 313 - Cool Reflections

Between times in New Mexico is a challenge. Not quite winter. Fall colors are gone. Trying to find compositions with the bare bones of trees and clouds.

Day 314

Photography is not about just concentrating on what you are good at. It is challenging yourself to explore new subjects. Reflections were once a new challenge.

Day 315

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  1. I love the shapes, shadows and light of clouds. Lovely.


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