Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 14 - 2017 in Photographs

Day 92
The view from my front door
 I basically photograph the land in which I live. My photography treks are within my state or the Colorado Plateau/Four Corners area. This week is all about here. All photos taken from my front door or studio deck or within five miles of my studio/home. Yes, I live in paradise.

Day 93
The mountain in the middle

No worry about getting bored because the scenery changes with time of day, weather, light, bird migrations, and animal movements. familiarity gives me the best opportunities to capture the best image.

Day 94
Stellar Jay
 I have to go up into the trees to find Stellar Jays. I live in a meadow which gets the Mountain Blue Bird and the Red Wing Black Bird and other meadow dwellers.

But meadow living allows vistas of the clouds, dawns and sunsets.

Day 95
Lenticular Cloud on the mountain down the road

Day 96
Strutting wild Tom Turkey

Turkeys are another forest denizen. I rarely see them in my meadows. But the forest is just a few short miles. And the trees below are less than a mile. I have captured turkeys walking through this grove in previous years.

Day 97
More of my focus on trees

And Day 98 is familiar subject of mine. Like my sentinel tree in first picture it calls me to record its life through all the seasons.

Day 98
Ancient Ponderosa Pine

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