Sunday, August 6, 2017

Week 31 - 2017 in Photographs

Day 211
 One again I did not get far from home. Fortunately home ground had lots of photo opportunities from dawn to hummingbirds to flowers.

Day 212
 Dawn and dusk offers swarms of humming birds to try to photograph. High speeds in dim light. And later this week close to hundreds of birds looking like swarms of bees. The photograph above has 21 birds. Or can you find more?

Day 213
 And then there is Day 213 where I decided to see if I could focus in with the long lens before it flew away. They pause and wait for their opportunity at one of the three feeders. I fortunately have things they can roost on so you focus on their favorite perches and wait for one to land.

Day 214
 The water lilies were on my drive path to two cats I was sitting. They were a pleasant surprise. And proof you should never go out of the house without your camera.

Day 215
Back at home there was raindrops on hollyhock buds.

Day 216
 And pansies.

Day 217
The monsoon rains continue. They keep me rooted at home as much as the absence of time in my schedule to free roam in a wider circle. Some opportunities next week. Want to get down to Las Vegas to photograph their old buildings but I have been saying that for a month.

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