Saturday, August 15, 2009

In Search of Inspiration

My friend Bee blogged about finally finding her muse again. Yes, mine has been missing too. What muse does not go on vacation in August? I have worked hard at painting in spurts for three shows; two fairs and an exhibition. Have recently been informed that all three paintings submitted to the exhibition have been accepted. So maybe I am resting on my laurels.

Or just vacationing with my sister who has visited with her jeep and camera and taken me out of my studio. To continue to produce one does have to refresh the spirit. And there is evidence in the studio that the spirit has been renewed. Yesterday, while cleaning it up and rearranging (always a prelude to serious work), I began thinking of new subjects to paint and old subjects to revisit. There is a growing stack of sketches, photographs and tracings on the work table for consideration.

I began toying with the idea of painting flowers. Yes, I know, not my stock in trade. But I recently got some stretcher bars for doing little studies. When you are stretching your own canvas it makes sense to have available all sizes to use those small pieces of canvas you are left with. I figured the 8x8's and 10x10's would make nice little Christmas sales. And why not paint flowers on them. It would at least be a fun exercise. Stepping out of my box as it were.

I have painted flowers in the past. I have two on watercolor paper matted and framed an hanging on my wall by the computer: Dogwoods and Hibiscus. I love them. And I do flowers quite well really. It is just that they are the "venue" as it were of other artists in the area. But then they do from time to time do canyons and churches. So why cannot I do a flower or two or three? Besides I am sort of wanting to see if I can bring something new to flowers.

I believe for an artist to remain creative they must play from time to time. Not always in the studio, but yes, sometimes even there.


  1. I totally agree Jacqui. Playing around with different subjects is good keeps you fresh.
    I wrote 2 blogs in a week maybe my muse has returned from vacation too:) must have gone off to spend summer in your part of the world leaving me to face winter alone.

  2. I agree with your strategy. I have lots of pots on the fire at the same time and am willing to try "new recipes" so to speak. Often inspiration will come at the oddest times and places and having a little visual diary in one's pocket is the way to capture that elusive muse.


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