Monday, August 3, 2009

Poetic Wednesday

Opening the Poetry lounge early because my New Zealand friend has her post ready.


My So-Called Life

Never on Sunday


Shouting at Street Lights

My hope is before Wednesday I have a poem of my own to post here to. In the mean time if you have a post on some blog platform leave me a comment here or on Profiles or in Facebook and I will link it in. This week we will let the links go first.

I have had less than a poetic day with my van breaking down and it requires a new fuel pump which is no cheap fix even if it is a relatively regular maintenance item on older cars. I think with some distance I will see at least the humor if not the poetry in the day. And today I jotted down the following humorous look at the van and the mechanic.

Tell me how

I had this discussion months ago
With the Blizzard Lizard about breaking down --
The Blizzard Lizard?
That's my van
It's green and 4-wheel drive
There is this gecko on television.

Surely you name your cars?
My first was Slew Foot Sue
But I digress
I said to the Blizzard Lizard in November
No major breakdowns till I have money.

No worries all through winter
The trusty vehicle took me to all my fairs come summer
Monday it broke
Monday I had money
But the question is
How did it know?

I certainly never mentioned it in the car
Nor did I have a detailed discussion with my mechanic
About just what I could afford
So how come his and my figures match?
How did the Blizzard Lizard know
It was safe to break down?

I thought I was saving that money for winter
But quite obviously not.
The Blizzard Lizard had its own plans
Thursday it will be back all repaired
For another winter with no worries.

Time for another talk with my van
Keep it together, ole sport
Until I can gather more funds
But please for now
Just tell me how
You knew I could afford to repair you?

(c) Jacqui Binford-Bell


  1. "very good"...she says with a smile on her face.
    I have a few words on "hope" on my page, not written by myself.

  2. How apt a poem..and how funny!Love it!!


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