Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Looking for the Perfect Picture

So much about art is business. It is the part I really don't like that much, and so when I do it I try to get it done in almost a marathon push. It does not make me a happy camper. I would literally rather be painting, but my last fair of the year is coming up this month and I would like to get a flier for my studio printed up to pass out at that fair. Plenty images of my art to include but no image of the artist I like that much, so I have been taking some.

The above one is top in Artist in her Studio category. It has all the elements - paintings in background, messy art desk behind, artistic hands, welcoming smile. If you think it is easy to set the timer on the tripoded camera, walk to the studio chair, pick up props, smile, and look like you didn't just do all that in 10 seconds you have another think coming.

I want to do a self-produced brochure for the time being and then play with content so I can have one printed for spring/summer fairs. Then there is a rack card and a post card and within a limited budget. But now that I have a studio I need to promote it and take advantage of the class and lesson area it provides. That means time spent on the business of art. Darn.


  1. I think you have done very well with this self-portrait, Jacqui. It is direct and describes you very well, with the paintings and props. You are not relaxed, but this is understandable under the circumstances and a little tension does well in terms of the "Artist in her Studio" theme ;-)

  2. Or, you could also be listening intently to a serious question being put forth concerning your art works.

    Just another thought...good picture, anyway! :)


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