Friday, February 19, 2010

Bridge of Enchantments

Bridge of Enchantments
Progress photo

If you are one of my loyal fans on Facebook Binford-Bell Studio page you will have been following the progress on this painting the last week. Someone yesterday said, "more stars" so I added more stars. They were indeed right. It did need more stars. I don't know if it has as many stars as are in a Colorado Plateau night but I was beginning to feel like Seurat and one of his pointillism creations.

It was also agreed to drop the spiral stars - my signature on night skies. But with the question Ruthie posed as to whether it was a sun or a moon it occurred to me why not make it sunset and ergo my daytime signature of ravens on the wing. 

Then foreground needed some iridescence and definition. More detail on the arch all the time thinking to self, "Don't ruin it by doing too much." I stopped and stood back and decided good enough to apply a workable fixative before finally varnishing it.

I want to attempt this sky in a study I am beginning. And I would like to revisit this natural bridge in a daytime treatment. But I want to know for sure this one is done. I wonder if Seurat had these issues - always wondering if it needed just a 1000 more dots or so.


  1. Hehehe. It's wonderful to read a painters 'in the works' progress. I was equally fascinated when getting a hold of a journal a while back of Steinbeck's when he was in the middle of writing, IMO, his epic piece: 'East of Eden'. Facinating!

  2. I love the bold "X" in this composition!


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