Sunday, February 14, 2010

Us Artisits Do Play Favorites

Just wrapped up a series of five paintings of mission churches in preparation for the summer art season. The one immediately below on canvas is my favorite. It is of the front of the Ranchos de Taos Mission.

Taking Shelter from the Night
14 x 14 Mixed Media on Canvas

But the others done are cradled artist panel are proving quite popular. Working on this surface proved difficult at first because I wanted to make it behave like canvas. Every medium and every platform has its own unique properties and I think I am beginning to capitalize on the qualities of this smooth gesso surface.

Little Chapel of Lights and Taos Pueblo Mission at Night
Each is 10 x 8

I am not framing the cradled panels though they can be framed. But by merely painting the 3/4 inch cradle they are ready to hang and allow me to sell them for less in these trying economic times. The ones I previously did in this size sold on their first viewing. So I decided to do some 12 x 12's and 11 x 14's on this same platform. Below are two on 12 x 12.

Night Comes to San Antonio and Zuni Pueblo Mission

The church on the left is in Questa, New Mexico and a beautiful example of mission architecture. I have painted it before and always love the results but it is not an easy one to render. The one on the right is at the Zuni Pueblo and I have not painted it before. I think it has a night scene in its future.
While I frequently paint my smaller missions in pairs I do not sell they that way always. Some people have taken both but they also have their favorites. I prefer painting canyons and so this next round will be a new arch I have not painted before and a 10 x 24 study of what will be a much larger panorama of Three Sisters in Arches National Park.

For those reading this on the FaceBook feed only the first image will come through. The other pictures are posted in the album on my fan page. Or go to Creative Journey to see it as written.

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  1. All of these are beautiful. the first painting makes me rather uneasy, though. I think it may be because of the orientation of the canvas. I half expect it to topple! probably a good thing when one looks at a painting to get a feeling of dynamic movement and yes, restless excitement and unease!


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