Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Show Prep

There was a time between art fairs when I just kept my work boxed up. That was the time before the studio. There was not enough room to hang my work. And I did not have to consider people dropping by the studio to look at my art work. The boxed art work in the tiny room I had to paint in got in the way of doing any more new work between shows too.

The studio has changed things. I can now paint up until almost the last day before a fair. Nothing has to get boxed up to go to the fair until Thursday afternoon. And I seem driven to get at least one or two new pieces done before that happens. Ergo my studio table this morning still cluttered with paint and brushes and three uncompleted works.

And not everything goes to the fair these days, which is a good reason to visit my studio. Given my creative drive of late, and my new minimal approach to displays at fairs a lot of work will be left behind on the walls. Maybe even these three I am working so hard to complete.

It is nice to be able to pick and choose whether it is for a fair or a competitive exhibit. Nice to also be able to look around the studio and see how I handled the sky in that painting or the effect of a wash technique in another. It is nice not to have my creative life in boxes all summer long.

Every artist should have a studio with lots of wall space to get their work out of the closet.

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