Friday, July 2, 2010

Stop and Look at the Skies

Life has been too busy lately. So busy I have not been looking at the skies outside my studio as I usually do. Or so I thought until I grabbed my camera to take a picture, and quickly checking the remaining images on the scandisc noticed I had taken quite a few pictures I had not downloaded: Stress, senility or Alzheimers?

Imagine my pleasant surprise when downloading this morning to find that even with my busy schedule I had been picking up the camera and recording the world outside my window remembering it or not. We are in a strange atmospheric condition here in the mountains. The heat of the day has been causing rising warm air up the side of the mountains mingling with moisture drifting in from cut off storm systems creating interesting cloud patterns. I post these for my artist friend, Jennifer, who has been away from our valley too much.

You can definitely see the "foot print" of the winds in this dawn image.

This "ghost" cloud sort of swept in, grew and then vanished as the sun evaporated it.

I took this yesterday evening right after a severe storm warning was issued. I had been so involved in the petty issues of the day I had totally missed any clouds outside.

I think we should never be too busy to notice the world around us.


  1. Thanks, Jacqui--I will enjoy these!

  2. Fantastic photos. Absolutely fantastic!

    Yes we all need to take time out occasionally to see what's around us. You may not catch the same scene ever again.

    ( I know you're busy - FFF is up!)

  3. BTW fabulous background. Love it!


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