Friday, September 3, 2010

Artistic Vistas and Treasures Labor Day Tour

Studio looking natural

There is another Artistic Vistas and Treasures Art Tour this Labor Day weekend. I should be in a flurry of cleaning up and making snacks for the event. But I did that for the previous tour and only one couple showed up. So this weekend whoever comes gets a working studio. I am spending this Friday on the garden and not my studio.

I do plan to bake some cookies, have cheese and crackers, and some iced tea for whoever does drop in but no special fuss. I will be painting so at least the time is not wasted. I have several works I am anxious to get back to which I have shoved to the side to do gardening - which is an artistic venture of another sort.

Three new works
And my new garden creation in progress. I thought of doing the garden when people were expected at the studio but I get really, really messy. Not that I don't get messy painting. Hopefully this weekend proves me wrong and I have loads of visitors and some sales.

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