Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lost - Poetry Wednesday


Oh, what I won't give
For a Google map of locations
For missing things.

I am ordinarily so good
Can find the smallest things
Amid the clutter in my life.

But of late I seem to be missing things
The second set of keys
I keep just in case the first is lost

My favorite hoodie from Canyonlands
The book I should have written this poem in
Did I leave it on the night stand in Raton?

And then there is Kathi, Alan and Marc
I last saw Marc in Raton
But not the same time as my book.

And where is my sense of timing
My ability to reach decisions
My infallible sense of direction.

I keep walking the same paths in my house
Hoping the book will be beside the lost sunglasses
Laid neatly by my spare keys atop my hoodie

I think I am losing it.
It is as if the key to finding myself
Is in finding what I have

J Binford-Bell
Composed on the computer because I lost my poetry journal
Oh, and my favorite pen.

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  1. Jacqui; I am SOOOOO SORRY to hear you lost your book. As a writer myself I know just how devestating that is!! :( I hope that you are able to recover it somehow.

    Thanks for the invite! LOL no clue exactly where I am or how to get back here..... but I will try :)
    Diana.... who cant remember her dam blogger ID (mntsigner?) :( LOL if you know it email me K at acappel444@yahoo.com Thanks LOL


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