Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Julia's Goodbye

Last of the Cape Lions


Julia forever young
Would lie in her plantation bed
Praying to hear
Her beloved lions
One last time
Before she slept.

Now I lay her down
Beneath the African soil
A simple stone to mark
Julia's so brief life
Broken by the paw
Of the last Cape Lion.

Julia A. Wilson
Passed this way
November 1858
And the lions she so loved
Left this earth with her.

j. binford-bell

Historical note: The long black maned Cape Lion was last reported seen in 1858, the year of Julia A's death and the carving of her head stone.


  1. Beautifully written! I was prompted to read up on Black Cape Lions, which I admit I'd never heard of.

    Is there a longer story behind this?

  2. Just that I was drawn to the year of 1858 on the tombstone as it is part of a favorite half century of mine - the last of the 1800's and first ten years of the 1900's.

    In events of that year was the last sighting of the now believed extinct Cape Lions. And the short poetic marriage I came up with them and Julia seems to beg for more to be written.

  3. Ah, I just realized the name said Julia. Had to lift up my laptop and squint a bit.

  4. I copied it into photoshop and through various enhancements got Julia A, daughter of E & A Wilson
    Nov 23, 1858

  5. Thanks 4 the info on the long black maned cape lion. Will do sm research on it.

  6. What a tale! I enjoyed reading this.

  7. Loved this tale from the prompt this week...and thank you for deciphering the writing on the grave stone!

  8. Your poem certainly has sparked interest here with its unique approach to the prompt. Add me to the list of those who had not heard of the Cape Lion either. You crafted it beautifully!

  9. Lovely writing! You got your imagination going!

  10. Great Mag. This is well crafted, paced, and the style is wonderful as well. Love and Light, Sender

  11. Very imaginative - her death by the paw of those she loved, and joining her end with theirs.

  12. I saw it more as her life intertwined with theirs. And the lion breaking her gravestone with his paw in the act of saying goodbye.

  13. Oh, this is lovely. Wonderful how you took Julia to Africa and the lions. Well done.

  14. I left a comment and it disappeared!

    I enjoyed this piece - another of your wonderfully crafted and imaginative poems.

    I knew you'd be at home here.

  15. What a wonderful take on this prompt so imaginative. Kristen

  16. An interesting and informative take on the prompt.

  17. You have very well tied the two pictures into a poem Nice

  18. Love the transition here from the lions to the grave marker... interesting note on the Cape lions.

  19. I loved how you filled in Julia's "dash" with such an interesting story

  20. Interesting and delicate - this small piece shows a long story. Very nice!

  21. What a lovely post and a very beautiful eulogy.

  22. you are creative like a queen.
    fabulous poetry.
    way to go.


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