Friday, December 10, 2010

Mermories Attached

Memories Attached

The task to clean out the basement
But suddenly she was slip sliding away
Down Mill Hill
Dad beneath her
Little brother atop.

More, more they yelled in delight
Their father pulling them up the hill for another flight
None of the three of them knew when to stop
The snow so fresh
The air so cold.

Then suddenly her feet were gone numb
Her brother screaming with icy blue hands
Hours in front of the old wood stove
The pain of warming limbs.
Her mother distraught.

Big Red, their transport to other lands
Stored in the basement
Dad to the dog house
She and her brother to the couch
Seeing the snow from behind the glass.

That moment
She swore to escape
The bonds of playing it safe
But Big Red was for ever
Entombed in the basement with memories attached.

J. Binford-Bell


  1. You express so well the vivid memories of that old sled. (I also like your banner of Arches National Park. We visited there several months ago. Wonderful artwork.)

  2. Thank you, Paul, for both compliments. Arches is for me a necessary pilgrimage

  3. OH! You had me with your Magpie title .......... wheeeeeeee!

  4. This is a childhood memory isn't it? "Dad in the dog house" - know about that one.

    Lovely memory and a nice read. Very nice read.


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