Sunday, January 16, 2011

Other than Flowers - Georgia O'Keeffe for Art Sunday

Outback of Marie's No. IV

I decided to return to an old blog tradition of Art Sunday. And to kick it off I thought I would feature some of the lessor know paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe. Yes, Virginia, she did paint things other than flowers and skulls. In fact I rather hate her flowers. I get the same visceral response to an O'Keeffe flower as I do to a howling coyote. Not only did she over do them but every almost every print maker and aspiring artist also did.

I think it is a crime that her landscapes have gotten lost in the mania after her flowers. I live in New Mexico and when to college here majoring in fine arts and did not become aware of her landscapes until nine years ago. I was recovering from a head injury and a friend gave me an O'Keeffe coffee table book which I thanked her for and ignored for months. I figured it was just more of her flowers.

Her landscapes explain why it was she was so drawn to the Ghost Ranch area of New Mexico. Her colors and sense of light are fantastic to me. And inspiring but I seldom mention her when I am talking about artists who made a significant impact on my own painting because everyone just thinks flowers.

Red Hills with Bones
Behind Marie's


  1. I had a beautiful hard-cover of O'Keeffe's NY scenes which were absolutely brilliant too. I read her biography as well - a very interesting lady, indeed.

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    Absolutely brilliant.

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