Saturday, March 12, 2011

Magpie 56 - Garlic


That magical bulb
Used in a garland to keep vampires at bay
Can ease hypertension
Lower cholesterol
And energize the libido.

Garlic two bulbs to three
Can prevent the common cold
Crushed and applied
It can treat the eyes and the ears
And heal infected wounds.

A bulb a day keeps the doctor away
Not the apple as others say
And it adds zest to any dish
But sad to say
It can not prevent all human suffering.

It can not raise the dead
Or mend crushed bones
Or stop global disasters
And we have yet to see
What it can do with radiation burns
Too bad it is just vampires it turns away.

J. Binford-Bell
I was not going to do this Magpie as life was a bit over the top for me. But garlic has long been in my "medicine cabinet" and watching the unfolding disasters of the Japanese earthquake I found myself thinking of garlic.


  1. if garlic could avert natural disasters i would eat it every day...smiles. nice little look at the odorous pearl

  2. As you say....cures many, but not all, ills. Nice take on the magpie. Vb

  3. I'm glad you did do it because what you have written is very good. I think we can take it that garlic for all its wonderful properties is no cure for the horrific events that we are all focusing at the moment.

  4. Nice blend of subjects - what garlic can do and what it can't. If only...


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