Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Magpie 70 - Artificial Life

Courtesy of Tess Kincaid

Artificial Life

Just one of many purchases
Picked up for cheap at the antique store
A relative for a new life
Pictures of an unknown
To deck the walls.

The oh so sterile walls
With no memories
Beginning anew
Living without a past
Not made up.

She had stood but briefly
At the edge of devastation
Saw the freedom of the total loss
From the horrendous storm
And simply walked away.

Picking up what wasn't true
From here to there
As she moved homeless
Without a past she wished to revisit.

New identity in St. Louis
New name in Cleveland
New job in Pulaski
An apartment with rented furniture
New relatives from the antique store.

Total investment $1.99
For a new aunt
No investment in emotion
For a life
A nameless tornado could take away.

J. Binford-Bell
June 2011


  1. Once you start reading this, it captures your senses in such a way that you can't stop reading further. Intense, Mystical and Marvelous.

  2. This is a very worthwhile interpretation of Tess's prompt, well worked as a poem.

  3. The sad sense of a borrowed relationship.

  4. oh dear the desire to be an unknown
    captured so well from this prompt
    hauntingly nice

  5. The final five lines made a long catch in my breath. Nicely done.

  6. I like it!
    It would be nice sometimes to slip so easily into a "borrowed life" and assume another identity with all the trimmings. A vacation from one's perhaps...

  7. This is intense I was mesmerized from start to finish!

  8. "No investment in emotion" is so very chilling.

  9. life's multistory..well penned.

    share 1 to 3 poems with poetry potluck week 41 today.


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