Saturday, July 2, 2011

Agonizing Reappraisal Week

Last week was the long awaited New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair; the best artists in New Mexico. I always feel very proud to be selected and then very out of it once I am there. It can be very cliquish. On Saturday with visitors to the fair slow most artists were roaming the aisles. One told me I should do jewelry; she really likes my jewelry. Two asked why I wasn't still doing masks; Rita, Katrina, Ike, etc. Another suggested my work was not sophisticated enough for that market.

This week I have not even unpacked my paintings. Artsfest begins the 8th and it will be my last arts fair with paintings. I will continue to paint but I am just so tired of fighting the Giclee market. The NMACF was suppose to seriously restrict them but I believe it is impossible. It is like the federal government trying to stop counterfeiting. BTW you can counterfeit paintings easier if you don't use metallics like I do. I don't like my work reduced to a flat ink jet print.

In my youth I hid behind a book or a camera when I was defeated or avoiding making a decision about something - or afraid of what the next person would say to me. So I stayed away from blogging and painting and just took pictures this week.

It was a great week for clouds and flowers and just being still and looking at the world around me.

Seeking inspiration and spiritual healing.

My muse seems to have flown away for the moment.


  1. As a painter who's exhibited in 36 shows I find that audience and peer criticism can be productive or largely worthless. My criterion for evaluating my own work involves effective communication not whether someone likes or dislikes it. For example, a woman came up to me a show once and said something to the effect of, "I hate orange, you've ruined a beautiful painting by adding that orange." This type of comment doesn't help me learn or progress as an artist. I return to the process of creating which can teach me about the work, show me where I may need to be more honest or work on a technique. For me, returning again to the easel with a willingness to be vulnerable, open, and visionary is what makes me feel brave. This bravery bolsters my integrity and helps me hold my head up high on the hard days. Keep being brave, best of luck, Anna

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