Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mystic Passage

Mystic Passage/watercolor on canvas
Mystic Passage

I was so into the paint today that I was gone
Every fiber of my being
Layered one color upon another
On a surface outside myself

Sometimes it is just a painting I create
This craft I can do so mechanically
Today it was like giving birth
To a reality only I see
Given to you.

None of the words people speak or write
Seem to apply to what occurs
When I am unconscious of all
But the brush in my hand
The paint.

As if the paint pours from my soul
Down my veins to my fingertips
Appearing by magic
On once white canvas
A life.

Figures and shapes and visions emerge
Scenes I was not conscious I dreamt
I was so into the paint today
It was hard to pull out
Some of me
I left behind.

(c) J. Binford-Bell

Perfect Poet Award Cafe

Words fail me
When given an award
For words!

Mother warned me
I couldn't spell
Best not think of writing
Just paint.

J. Binford-Bell

I nominate Jeffery Lewis


  1. The visual content on your site is amazing. I adore the poem though. So true. Thank you for sharing.

  2. describes painting wonderfully. And that painting is absoulutely beautiful.

  3. It must be a grand feeling to be at one with your painting. I like your poem and Paintings.

  4. sometimes, illusions mislead us,

    keep up the excellence, Thanks for joining poets rally.

  5. Nice descriptive piece :)

  6. Stunning...especially the last stanza.

  7. Great description of the creative process and it's great that the poetry complements the painting so well (and vice versa!).

  8. A post from a true artist.. of paintings and poetry. Striking colours and revelations of the artist's craft.

  9. Wow! Love your paintings. So different and beautiful; mystical. Your writing is a match for them, too. Great talent!

  10. Oh wow this is a wonderful poem one I can relate to, I paint as well but not so beautifully as you. Stunning artwork

  11. apparently you were into the words as well, thanks for writing and painting

  12. Jacqui - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors in your painting and your style. Beautiful work combined with the journey of words = stunning! Thank you for sharing!

    I appreciate your visit and comment on my site. :-)

  13. Like most have already said, the combination of poetry and painting is amazing on here. Congrats on the award too :)


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.