Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Other Side of Tomorrow

The Other Side of Tomorrow

The Other Side

Poised on Today
Balanced precariously
In the moment
Trying to be here
And not beyond.

But always seeking
What awaits
Wanting to see beyond
To Tomorrow.

If I were to climb
The far ridge of tonight
Could I see
The other side of tomorrow
Beyond what I wish it to be?

And if I saw what awaited
Would I continue my journey
Or run back sobbing
To yesterday
Stand frozen in today?

If I could see
The other side of tomorrow
Would I want to travel on?
Beyond today
And Tomorrow.

J. Binford-Bell
Copyright July 2011

Note: The painting was inspired by a photograph taken in Lavender Canyon, Utah in May 2010. It was a wonderful day that heralded a change we could not see or, had we been warned, could have absorbed. The knowing of the future would have not changed much beyond our enjoyment of that day. And we enjoyed that day very much.


  1. Lovely painting and words - and memories for you too.

  2. I'm sure if we all knew what tomorrow holds, we would do things differently today.

    Insightful poem and fantastic painting!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. love it,

    poetic, beautiful, and reflective.

    Thanks for the gem in poetry potluck.

  4. You sent me searching for picariously but I could not find it.

    Well, enjoy the potluck!!! :)


  5. Wow beautiful painting you are very gifted! And wonderful poem a talented woman you are!

  6. Well you know I love the painting and now you know I love the poem!


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.