Thursday, July 7, 2011

End of an Era

The Bell Tower
Today is set up for the last art fair I plan on doing with my paintings. From Monday forward my art will be on display in my studio and the galleries that represent me. And it will be joined by my photography. I think I am tired of being a split personality though that is pretty common for Gemini's. And fairs are expensive and tons of work for an ever diminishing return with the rise of fair fees and the decline of the economy. Somewhat sad as I have mastered booth display, set up and take down.

Rio Grande Holiday Market 2011
Once fairs were where you could go and buy original art from the artist themselves. Now it is more and more likely you will buy an ink jet print (giclee) some even printed on canvas and sold as not prints. And you might only get to meet the artist's booth assistant or relative as the artist is off at another fair. There are so many these days.

And the question that I found myself pondering more and more this last year was how much of my painting was just for "the booth." I think the Rio Grande fair last Thanksgiving was a prime example of how far I could take that. I did small churches on panels and cactus flowers on panels and even Christmas ornaments to fit small pocket books and Christmas lists when what I enjoy painting is more meaningful and diverse.

The Long Return
I have taken to calling it my dark work because it does not come under the category of  "Bright" preferred by one gallery I am in. But as one visitor to my booth at a recent fair pointed out it is not dark is spiritual energy.

The Other Side of Tomorrow

Spider Rock Triptych
I want to paint with a purpose beyond merely selling. I want to paint what it is that moves me and sell to those that are moved by what I paint. I have the studio. I am on Artistic Vistas and Treasures Trail and on Facebook with Binford-Bell Studio and with my sister with Binfords' Back Country Photography and that is where I want to base my marketing efforts. And paint what gives me joy.

Grand River Passage
Even if sometimes that is bright churches.

And with the studio you do get to meet the artist and buy real art. And this weekend I will be at the 30th Angel Fire Artsfest. If you are in the neighborhood come and see me and a select group of other artists displaying their wares in the spirit that began the whole art fair tradition. It never was about out doing Walmart you know.


  1. WOW...this is profound...

    I have a lot to comment on, but I'm at work, so I'll log back on a little later.

  2. I agree with the points you made and understand the "art fair frustration" that you have experienced. I participated in several art fairs last year to get my feet wet. People were out and about looking for expensive looking art at a cheap price with no consideration for the time and materials it takes to create anything. As I talked with other artists around me, we all noted that there was a lot of foot traffic, but very little art being purchased, except for the smaller/cheaper items. With the economy being what it is (and no hint of changing anytime soon) and the meager sales last year, I have been pondering the future of my artistic endeavors and how I would like to move forward in the art fair world...or not. I guess I'll figure that out sooner or later.

    BUT, what's really important is that you'll be able to focus in on what you're really passionate about and that will bring out the best art in you. AND, as this new journey continues, new doors of opportunity will open up for you.

    ~ By the way, thank you for sharing your artistic journey, it's been very helpful for me and I'm sure it's been helpful for others too. :)

  3. It's sad that the technology is being increasingly used to dupe the gullible buyers into thinking they are buying an original (and unique) piece of art, when the only thing they have is one copy of many thousands printed (albeit on canvas).

    As usual your art is striking, original and unique! I hope everything goes well.


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