Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Volkswagen Acid Trip

I think I believed that developing my photography into an art form would make it easier to find and enter exhibits. And I thought it would give me a lower priced alternative for visitors to my gallery to buy for their home or as gifts. It has done the latter. People I find are also much more likely to purchase a framed photo for their offices than a painting.

However being a photographer as well as a painter has only made entering exhibitions more difficult. Few exhibitions, unlike fairs, have categories which allow the artist to enter three photographs and three paintings. No it seems to be just three per entrant regardless of what the medium. For the 35th International Bank Show  and sale in Raton I submitted only photographs. I did this partly because of lower prices in these economic times. Now faced with the Moreno Valley Arts Council Fall Show I opted for one photograph and two paintings.

I have tons of photographs I would like to submit but I also have two recently completed paintings I would like to exhibit. My frequent readers have seen these with poems.

Canyon Celebration

But I have several other photographs I really like and am currently looking for an exhibit for them. But I am also planning on doing a series of small matted prints for Christmas sales at the studio. Or the next exhibit

Ray dance

Escape Route

Red Door


So many photo opportunities!


  1. Decisions, decisions is right.

    I remember The Red Door and I also have a wonderful picture from many years ago that you painted of a man outside a building. I have to look for it.

  2. Photograph I took, actually, Bee. I think that was one of those I lost in the old computer tech crash.

  3. Tough decisions at that! All such stunning pieces. Good luck with your choices.

  4. All stunning pieces! And I love your idea of setting some into Christmas gifts - lucky friends who will receive them :)
    I love your photographs from your recent trip... have never seen carvings drawn skilfully into cliffs.. ravens yes, aplenty ;)


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.