Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life is a Fairy Tale

Little King by Stowe


Morning again?
A little King
And the daily news.

All that is fit to print
Not the white rabbit
Questionable coffee
A.M. or P.M?

Perusing the front page
It all seemed so unreal
More lies than truth
Need to return to the organic coffee.

The king just stared
What, pray tell
Was his role to play
What is on the schedule for today?

Obviously more coffee needed
Tossed the paper
In the box by the wood stove
Winked at the king.

Another day
More fairy tales
A new icon to study.

Once upon 
A time
Ever after.

Did I take my meds?
Did they?

J. Binford-Bell
October 2011


  1. I was a little nervous that the king would get pitched into the stove as well. Interesting how you built up that disquiet. The 2nd last line had me laugh out loud, and then the last one was the jaw dropper.

  2. That last is always a burning question! LOL :)

  3. lol, questioning reality but it is all we have, ours lol
    thanks for the visit! :)

  4. Questions, questions, life is all questions. Clever little verse for a clever little king.


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