Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And my choices are?

Stairway to the past

It is that time of year again with the call for entries go out. A bit easier this year as I am not submitting for any fairs, and because of funds, am going for just a limited number of exhibitions. But maybe that makes it more difficult. I want to most bang for my bucks. And by that I don't mean just the chance at the biggest awards but the number of people that will be introduced to my work. And because I have not done a lot of painting since last fall what I enter will no doubt be photographs. And so the process begins.

Window in time
Last year at this time my problem was finding five photographs to submit to my first ever amateur photography show. And this year the problem is reducing my choices down to five. That is good. But in this first year of taking my photography seriously I have been searching for my "voice" in this medium. I think like with my paintings it is all about color.

Dawn on the Grand Canyon

And then along comes an image that really captures my heart and there is nothing colorful about it.

Under the Ice
Or the color is "ordinary" by New Mexico standards.

On High
Come the Fall
Then I am back to my favorites. I won prizes last year with an two old wrecked cars. And I have sold a print of one since then. So another car?

Get your kicks on route 66
Or another look at the Grand Canyon.

Through the haze

All this, of course, leaves out my new pictures of elk, buffalo, cliff swallows and turkey. But I will do another blog about the choices in the wild life files.

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