Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One

Day One

Day One

The Mayans maintained
and Nostradamus agreed
the world as we know it
ends before this year is out
No need for resolutions

How and why the world ends
go without mention 
or how many times before
what we know has vanished
leaving behind just ruins.

And yet we can stand
before ancient evidence
the world has moved beyond many a doomsday past
Were the people of Waputki or Chaco given a date?
Would the outcome be different if they were?

After Pompeii
or Atlantis sinking into the sea
did those left alive
call it the end of days
or was it day one?

Jacqui Binford-Bell
January 1, 2011

Posted on Jingle Poetry At The Gooseberry Garden.
The Theme for this week is Fairytales, Hope and New Year's Resolutions.


  1. Only time will tell. Is that the correct date?

  2. Every day is day one!

  3. it's interesting how we all are buying into the end of the world stufffff....

    last day of the last year

  4. always day one after anything isn't it?
    informational tale, nicely written, happy gooseberry day!

  5. if not the doomsday we humans will indeed make it with all the hate and greed inside us :)

    time will tell

  6. I love when there is that lingering question of what it could be...

    Great write:)


  7. Each day is Day One of something. Lovely write.

  8. Excellent argument. Lovely photograph. Thank you!

  9. very enjoyable write.


    love your poetry, keep those coming.

  10. Beautiful color! And a thoughtful poem. :-)


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