Thursday, April 5, 2012

From one extreme to the other -- the creative process

Dawns first light by J. Binford-Bell

The end days of winter are rather colorless. Or less colorful. Even the evergreens seem less green. So maybe that is why I am in a black and white mood. But I am telling myself it is because I am into light and composition and for that you do not need color.

Both Sides by J. Binford-Bell

In fact color may obscure the light and even the composition. Once the aspens are out in the photo above it will be striking in color. Taking this photo and making it black and white lets me know where I want to return mid summer.

Bare Bones by J. Binford-Bell

And black and white lets you reduce a photo to the bare essentials. In this case it was the trunks of the aspens or rather the reflection of the trunks of the aspens that was the strongest element.

I most often push the color in my photographs. I live in a very colorful place - New Mexico. And my paintings are vivid. Taking out the color was at first just an exercise. But now I am finding things to really love about it. And I think those things will make my color photos that much stronger.

The Bell by J. Binford-Bell

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