Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sweet Tweet

Cliff Swallows by J. Binford-Bell

Sweet Tweet

Tweet Twit
I've tried
My life
in 140 key strokes.

I have galore
by never tweeting
A single line
of 140 characters.

I attempt 
to translate
from time to time
On a dull day
Machine stroke hieroglyphs. 

50 monkeys
at random
with infinite time
are smarter
than infinite tweeters and 50 keys.

No one
can write a poem
as lovely as a tree
or as base as a tweet
for my taste
I will take the tweets of birds.

J. Binford-Bell
April 2012


  1. This made me grin widely in recognition... Have a twitter account and tweet every single post I do, but I've never actually tried tweeting anything more than the link... Unfortunately I can't see the image you've posted to illustrate (sad because I always love your photos)! Have a happy picnic!

  2. Sorry you cannot see the photo. It is of the cliff swallows of last summer - my favorite tweets.

  3. i like the 50 monkies and the picture

    wealth of laughter senryu

  4. Another tweet, I meant sweet! Once again I'm laughing and I realized I've never once tweeted or twitted or whatever in my entire life. I just assume that if I want to reach someone I phone them or post on their facebook. Arghh!! All these technological advances are making me nuttier than usual. Very well done, by the way. Very enjoyable. Be blessed.


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