Sunday, June 24, 2012

In the Dark

Orsen Wells in Touch of Evil

In the Dark
evil lurks
hiding in the shadows
off an alley
or the bottom of the basement stairs.

are in grainy black and white
colored forever
by old movies
watched when I should be in bed.

Evil comes
forever unlit
with only the color
of blood red
dripping from an illuminated blade.

no bad can happen
if the lights were turned on
or stupid blonds
would kick of their high heels
and run for the light.

J. Binford-Bell
June 2012


  1. Yes, as always you got it in one. Considering a couple of hours ago you were staring at the picture, you did so well - yet again. A true thinker and poet.

  2. Appreciate the comment. I've saved your website in my browser to check out on weekends.
    Here is my blog post :: Cypress Word Press


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