Sunday, June 17, 2012

Puddle Wonderful

M. C. Esher Puddle

Puddle Wonderful

e.e. cummings wrote
A road less traveled by Peck
Splish Splash with Bobby
Mud and flood
here in the highlands.

Rubicon up
there is mud out there
time to hit the backroads
with my sister
and the fur kids.

One person's mud puddle
is another's play ground
and if there is mud
the forest is safe
from a chance wild fire.

J. Binford-Bell
June 2012

The forests of the mountain west are dry. The Whitewater Baldy, Little Bear and High Line Fire are eating up the forests. It is hard not to be envious of every puddle of water. Let it rain.

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  1. one persons mud puddle is anothers playground...smiles....that is a fun turn on that phrase....hey i am in for jumping in...smiles.

  2. Truly. From floods to fires. I, too, hope it rains soon in your area - the fires are so horrible. Nicely crafted piece...

  3. Ha! Found you - even though Mr Linky can't!
    I wish I could send you some of the rain we've had in England since the Queen's Jubilee. I'd be enough to float a battleship, I'm sure! LOL ♥

  4. Another's playground, indeed...nice...

  5. LOVE, " One person's mud puddles is another person's play ground." It put a much needed kiddish laughter inside me.

  6. I love the contrast , as we are inversus here in Oz. worshipping the tiny flame in my fire place. Thanks JB

  7. I like the way you've intertwines mud and fires and I love the way you have turned the Mag into real life experiences.


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