Sunday, November 11, 2012

For the Glory of War

Verdun by Felix Vallotton
Mag 143 prompt

For the Glory of War
we paint war in patriotic colors
speak of it in heroic terms
For the Glory
they die in the thousands
hundreds of thousands
on the beaches of Normandy
in the fields of Verdun.

For the Glory of War
we write ballads with drum and fife
pen epic poems and tomes
For the Glory
of all the men who died
so the next generation can die again
on some beach or hill
as yet unnamed.

J. Binford-Bell

In Memory of all who have died for the Glory of War

Cemetery at Verdun, France 


  1. You poem is testimony to the futility of war .. I just watched a three-hour History Channel special on Vietnam ... senseless.

  2. oh yes- could we please stop this madness.... wonderful post I so hope more think like this

  3. 'So the next generation can die again''ve no idea how powerful I find this!

  4. Yes.

    War may be a lot of things, but glorious it is not.


  5. Yup, that sums it up beautifully! Maybe we should take no prisoners when we speak of it.

  6. so sad how it keeps repeating...x

  7. You captured it exactly how it is. We honour those who gave their lives so as to protect their country and the freedom of its people. Then we go to wars that we shouldn't and more people die - service personnel are honoured as their caskets draped in their country's flag are brought home. Their names are carved on memorial stones but who remembers the names of the innocents - the children, the mothers, the fathers, the sisters, the brothers - in far away lands that we should never have touched where families mourn their dead but there are no tombs with inscriptions there.

  8. Excellent words on the futility of war.

    It seems we never learn and there is no glory in war - bravery (by those sent to slaughter or be slaughtered) yes. But what price this bravery to an individuals peace of mind...

    Anna :o]


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