Sunday, November 11, 2012

Raton's Windows and Alleys

Parking by J. Binford-Bell

I go over to Raton, New Mexico rather more than I would like at times. But I know if I take my camera and take the time I will have some great photos to bring back. This last Thursday when I had to run art over to the Old Pass Gallery for their Christmas Show was not exception. I found a great new coffee shop, Enchanted Grounds, and photo opportunities in the old town area.

The Past Reflected by J. Binford-Bell

Old Pass Gallery is in the old Wells Fargo building near the train station in the old town part of Raton. It is reflected in the windows of a closed businesses across the street.

History by J. Binford-Bell
I got chatting with an owner of one of the businesses that is still open and he was telling me of the plans to put in a park and planters and benches along the wide street. And even close off one end so it is just a walking mall. Political in fighting has put those plans on hold. Sad because it could be a great area for tourists and residents alike. He directed me to the Enchanted Grounds Coffee Shop where I had a half order of French Toast (do not attempt the full order) before continuing to the alleys.

Stucco Monet by J. Binford-Bell

X Marks the Spot by J. Binford-Bell

Gas Mains by J. Binford-Bell

Fall Shadows by J. Binford-Bell

It was a gorgeous Indian Summer day to walk the streets. And I was almost two hours early for the Old Pass Gallery to be open and I could drop off my paintings and my sisters photographs for their holiday show which should now be open. Stop in and see the art but look at the art around you that is not framed.

Opening by J. Binford-Bell

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