Sunday, February 10, 2013

Some Other Person

artwork by Joseph Lorusso

It had to be
Some other person
And yet she knew
standing there before the painting
it was her.

A life ago
a wild and crazy woman
who drunk too much
and too easily said yes
that was her.

Back then
she ran with a wild crowd
lived with her painter
him standing in the receiving line
would he know her?

Social elite
dressed to the nines
on the arm of her powerful husband
would either see her
in the painting on the wall?

J. Binford-Bell
February 2013

Visual prompt provided by The Mag.

On a personal note I am thrilled I lived most of my wild and crazy years before the smart phone or the video camera but there could be a painter or two in my past who from memory or a Polaroid snap may have recorded a moment that slipped my mind.


  1. You created a great story in your poem!

  2. A painter should never forget his muse, and it seems he owed her rather a lot.

  3. Love the direction you took this .... nice!!!

  4. I guess we've all had a few wild and crazy days we wouldn't necessarily want posterity to witness.

    Well done.


  5. Interesting take...Happy Valentine's Day...


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.