Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 5 of the 365 Day Challenge

Day 35 - The Bank

One of the positive effects of this exercise in year two is boredom. Camera is always in the car or around my neck but there are days I do not even reach for it. Then sitting in the drive through at the bank - panic. Suddenly I am looking around for just anything I can snap a shot of without getting out of the car. And while taking this photo through the bullet proof glass I am asking myself is this even legal to do. Is it looking like I am casing the joint.

Day 34 - Another Look

Even the day before was not a photo I had taken that day or even that week. It was a photo I had not post processed - the lessor of many photos I had taken on a day when they all seemed to work so well. And this one required cloning out an object. Good practice I told myself. How often have I "tossed" a picture because of one thing that should not be in the frame. So I did it. And isn't this whole exercise about learning?

Day 33 - Mirror

Truth is I was very busy last week. I have been working on refreshing and repairing the rental unit. And part of that is moving things out the previous tenant left behind. I think these two sconces and the mirror behind them were a couple tenants ago. Maybe three. It is a lovely beveled mirror I never could get myself to toss. If nothing else it made a wonderful photographic study when I was taking a ten minute break from tiling the entry/mud room of the rental. Mirrors and what they reflect are an interesting study.

Day 32 - my own kind of hat

When you are busy and you cannot throw photo gear into the car and devote a day to capturing the right image you can wander aimlessly around your own house and look for something to capture. Frankly I didn't even want to devote the time to set up a still life. It was find something, take a few shots and get back to work. Only at the end of the day was there time to post process a few of what I found to be treasures. This was taken in my entry/mud room as was the photo below.

Day 31 - Welcoming Committee

Maybe there is something to be said for limited time. This week has certainly gotten me out of my comfort zone. The Welcoming Committee is perhaps my favorite shot of the week. And it and the hats fit into my portraits without faces on going challenge. Or in this case self-portraits. The Welcoming Committee says a lot about me.

Day 30 - The Guardian at the Studio Door

The Guardian is another self-portrait. I found the gargoyle at some flea market. I think there were once two. They would have stood at either side of a fire place and held up the mantel. He now holds up a small half moon plate where I deposit keys and pocket rockets and other offerings. At some point I graced him with a necklace also found at some flea market. I have a house god I need to photograph one day. And a carved santo sits by my hats in the entry. I even have a kitchen witch who has watched over many a kitchen so it fits that I have a guardian for my studio.

Day 29 - Lunacy

The week began with the full wolf moon and my continuing search for the definitive full moon picture. Not there yet. But does any artist be they painters, sculptors, writers, musicians or photographers reach their goal?


  1. Loved the narrative. I like seeing things around your house, helps to know you better.

  2. I agree with lyn. Love your studio protector and the one of the bank is awesome. Lunacy is also a very interesting one. As for the mirror one, waaaaa, wants one too. Love it.


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