Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week 19 - 365 Day Challenge 2013

Day 127 - Pond Scum

Cannot believe I opened this week with pond scum. But it may be the western version of Monet's Lily Pads. Or it may just be a painter with a camera fascinated with shapes, patterns and colors. Or recording the unusual. It was a spring day and yet there is a lushness of August in the pond. A lushness that vanished the next day and returned it to the barely thawed lake of reflections I know and love.

Day 128 - Wheeler Peak dressed in new snow

And then winter returned and brought with it some fantastic images to record. The above of a freshly covered Wheeler Peak was one of my favorites of the week. And that day there seemed to be no bad pictures of this vista.

Day 129 - Solitary 

Day 129 was back to my lake of reflections and without the pond scum. Various people are calling our weather bipolar and it really is. I never know how to dress in the morning as I grab the camera and head out for my early morning photo exhibition. Love the stillness of the air and the water in the mornings. National Geographic says all landscapes should be taken in the golden hour around dawn and sunset.

Day 130 - Curtain of Reflections

Early morning is absolutely the best for reflections on the water because there is no wind. I have taken photos when the water is so still it is not easy to see that it is of a reflection. I was accused once of posting a photo upside down. I like my reflections with just a hint of ripple. And have come to rely on my fur companions. Magique will go up and put her paws in the water to drink. Then I just wait until the ripples are just right. She was actually cropped out of this photo but she remains in a lot I post.

Day 131 - Dancing light

Not my Lake of Reflections. It isn't quite big enough for the grand waterscape, and because it is smaller the water ripples differently. On this day it made the light from the rising sun dance.

Day 132 - Shivers

The clouds were my subject in the above picture. Been a while since we have had spring clouds. Yes, winter clouds are different. And the dawn was doing wonderful subtle paintings in the sky. But I fell in love with their reflected image. And just as I snapped this one there was a rogue breeze that shivered across the surface of the water giving me an impressionistic photograph of a spring morning.

Day 133 - Facade

And yes, not every morning gives you a Monet. And some days give you whole folders of wonderful images. The above is from my trip to Trinidad, Colorado, and one of the images I had not processed. So on days when I return from my morning walk with nothing spectacular to post I go back to the folders of abundance and process another.

Never trash the also ran's until you are sure they really do not have worth.

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