Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 20 - 365 Day Challenge 2013

Day 134 - Waiting for the Wind and Rain by J. Binford-Bell

It was a busy week. So busy that at times I didn't take up the camera for other than recording progress on projects like the garden and my Sego palm that is getting new fronds or to record the developing clouds that brought little to no rain until they reached the mid west. Most of my photographic treasures posted this week were taken in the week before. Photos ignored on the first flush of uploading to the computer. Photos I finally noticed when I took a break from those projects to sit down and do some meditative dry darkroom work.

The opening photo was taken on the road to Eagle Nest. I was early to meet a friend for a drive to Raton (yes, again) and I have no idea how many times I drove by this windmill meaning to stop. I always mentally access the sky and colors. You have to stop on the side of the road and get out of the car so you can walk up to it and cut the power lines out of the image. That day, May 10th, it seemed worth the effort. And it was, but remember how you used to leave film in the camera? Well, the digital equivalent is leaving images in a My Pictures folder. Images like the one below taken during my trip to Trinidad, Colorado.

Day 135 - Reflections in a dark window

I so loved the buildings in Trinidad and managed to get so many good images. The extraordinary ones got posted immediately and some got shuffled past.

Day 136 - On Commercial

Day 137 - Fred's I think

A lot of my photographer friends are really fond of bracketing exposures, which is something you can get your digital camera to do automatically. I am more fond of "bracketing" images or compositions. If the light is right and the sky spectacular do not just take a picture of Wheeler Peak just to the right off frame but get the whole mountain range in pieces and back off the zoom and get it all together.

Day 138 - Oops

Posted the above photo the day I took it. It is in a folder in My Pictures that includes a bunch of progress photos of the garden. I walked out on to the porch with my camera and the light had changed from thirty minutes earlier. This is the hill just to the southwest of my studio and the clouds had literally popped up.

Day 139 - Toward the south from studio Stoop

Also buried in a folder of project progress photos. These are the photos that get overlooked not merely when you upload but later as you scan through your files. I tell myself I should immediately pull them out and put them someplace else. And in this particular instance that someplace else is a subfolder under the a folder for the 365 day challenge. My right brain is still looking for a left brain organization that allows me to be able to find what I am looking for. And that became rather important this week with three people asking me for a photo they would like printed.

Day 140 - Kissed

And a bonus photo this week. It was taken and posted in another of my blogs. And shuffled from folder to folder in an effort to not lose it. It wound up in Week 20 but there were eight photos in Week 20.

Rain over the mountains

It is one of those examples of taking all the pictures and not just the one you stopped to take. To the left is another break in the trees with a vista containing the Teeth of Time range. I was walking back to the car and turned to take one last look before getting on my way back home. This was that last look.

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