Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 35 - 365 Day Photography Challenge

Day 239

Most of the photography I did this week was actually about I was working on for the paper. That's good and bad news: I had the camera in hand but my focus was more mundane most times. The artistic shots just got sandwiched in the middle of things. Or pulled out of previous photo trip files. The latter is true of Day 239 and 240. Some of my frequent readers will recognize Trinidad, Colorado, increasingly one of my favorite camera haunts. The balance of the week photos are the random shots sandwich between pictures of Arts About Town and Eagle Nest Lake.

Day 240

Day 241

Day 241 was a quick snap to record the colors being painted on a wall covering up other colors. It was a reference shot that turned into pleasing abstract once on my computer. And the hollyhocks below caught my eye while on one of my other odd jobs - pet sitting. Artists in this economy certainly cannot quit their day job(s). For me there is freelance writing, pet sitting and odd jobs because of my long experience in construction which is a totally other blog. But the sale of photographs and paintings has picked up this last week too. That is emotionally rewarding for an artist.

Day 242

Another source of inspiration for photography are the daily dog walks. They will tell you when I am overly busy they get short changed, and I have no doubt that is what they are discussing on the morning walk below.

Day 243

Morning walks are where photos like the two below come from. Why else would I be out of the house that early? But early mornings are when you catch the long shadows like in the photo above or the just beginning to lift valley fogs like in the photo below. Yes, you can get long shadows in the evening but rarely the mists.

Day 244

And early morning gives you the oblique light through the soft petals of a flower. If you are serious about photography you have to either be out and about shortly after dawn or right around sunset. Your choice.

Day 245

News photography is seldom at either time. It is in the middle of the day or inside at a council meeting at night. Still, every once in a while, covering a story can generate a nice photo. I thought I might post a couple here just to show you what else a week with my camera generated.

Eagle Nest Lake at half capacity

All the sandy shore up to the green was once under water. And hopefully will be again. Launching boats has become an issue with the low water and the raven below sits a warning sign as if waiting for someone to die trying.

Extended Dock

There are a couple more pictures taken while on a story which will be featured in next week's blog for 365 days. You can catch the odd great shot while just recording the mundane.

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